Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stuff I managed to sorta learn this week

  • A lot of lectures make a head full, especially in your second language
  • Qi gong is one of those things you have to fight your will to fight in order to get
  • You (I) can't go to bed at 02:00 and be up at 07:00 all the time
  • You can not perform something for 3 months and then pick it up again with only really minor glitches in memory and in fact find that the role has deepened while you ignored it
  • That my bike and I have a twisted relationship; or rather, I do and I'm not so sure what Betty thinks, but I'll bet she wants me to oil her chain pretty soon. I started to notice that no matter when I ride (it's only 14 minutes to school), I ride really hard. I can't seem to stop myself from hovering at an intensity that is just short of eyeballs-rolling-back-into-skull, and just on the edge of ecstatic discomfort (torture, if you like). I make noises when I ride, like basic animal ones. And I'm all like, why on earth am I like this? With myself?
  • Dramatic theatre and performance, while on a kind of continuum, really are different
  • I really, really want to find out where that border is

Lost Persons Area on Thursday, Kalevala dell'Arte on Sunday! Both at Stoa! Come see!

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