Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's opening night. I just picked up my notebook and thought, because every once in a while I can be frivolous, I'd share some of my notes from the last two runthroughs. Apparently I need to remember:

Aittomäki flying

  • pick up one of the cloths if no monkey blindfold

  • tie yr damn shoelaces

  • he's got a gun

  • monkeys keep going, back to suitcase wild energy

  • exit on humiliation

  • cleaning

  • no scissor gesture

  • black is the colour immediately. no flowers

  • bang them in the water

  • silent emergency

  • ophelia drowning fixed by going back w/ weight, turning R leg out, hands frozen out. sit on L leg

  • just open the baby

  • suitcase malfunctions

  • davide needs a finger for akseli

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Anna MR said...

Fish, I have tagged you with the Thinking Blogger award. Badge hopefully to follow.